Jam Nuts Information:

Jam Nuts counter tighten against components to keep them tightly in place. Jam nuts also keep the elements out of the threads by creating binding pressure against components which creates a seal between the threads.

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Jam Nuts Specifications
part # description
SM-JN-375/24(LH/RH) 3/8"-24
SM-JN-500/20(LH/RH) 1/2"-20
SM-JN-625/18(LH/RH) 5/8"-18
SM-JN-6875/18(LH/RH) 11/16"-18
SM-JN-750/16(LH/RH) 3/4"-16
SM-JN-875/14(LH/RH) 7/8"-14
SM-JN-875/18(LH/RH) 7/8"-18
SM-JN-M23X1.5MM(LH/RH) M23 x 1.5mm
SM-JN-1.00/14(LH/RH) 1"-14
SM-JN-1250/12(LH/RH) 1-1/4"-12
LH - left hand threads RH - right hand threads
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