About Us

Manufacturing Top Shelf Suspension Joints, 7075 Links and Custom Machine Parts


Started in April 2000 as a job shop machine shop with the focus of providing top of the line machining with great service. We have done work in a variety of venues: industrial, mining, jewelry, medical, dental, aerospace, automotive, you name it and it seems we have made it.




Summit Machine has the ability to work with companies or individuals at any level of their product process. We can work with you early on in bringing your concept to life with our CAD design and dimensional drawings service. From there we can manufacture prototypes for testing and modification. Then, once ready we can provide full production work. Our combined knowledge and expertise allows us to work closely with you to make sure your manufacturing needs are met from beginning to end.

Being in Utah we have the outdoors on our doorstep. Mountains, deserts, sand stone and sand dunes are all available to us. All of these mean Jeeps, rock crawlers, rock racers, ultra 4 builds, UTV's, sand rails, the list of off road machines is endless. The products on this page are a result of the shared interests we have in the off road world. We knew what was out there and decided to make our parts to be better in design, appearance, quality and performance. That is why we call our work Top Shelf. We strive to be the best.

All products we make are machined in house with all the strict machining standards you should expect from a professional machine shop. High or low tolerance pieces, we make sure the parts we make are parts we can all be proud to put our names behind.

Even with a product line in the off road industry it doesn't take from our core abilities which is to machine any part our machines are capable of. If you have a part you are outsourcing for machine work, or would like any of the parts we currently make customized for your application, please contact us to discuss how we can begin working together.