Suspension Links


Summit Machine custom makes all of our links to your specifications. We use only American mill 7075 to ensure material specification integrity. Being a machine shop you can be confident your links are made correctly by people that understand proper machining principles. This also gives us the ability to customize your link to fit your needs.

  • We can make any link up to 3" diameter.
  • Common or uncommon thread, we can make whatever you need to fit your build.
  • All threads meet ANSI and ASTM standards.
  • Wrench flat in the proper place so you can conveniently tighten your jam nuts.
  • All links come with a standard tapered end. Upon request, we can make them without a taper for added wall thickness.
  • All links come with our logo engraving. Custom engraving available.
  • Anodizing and polishing available upon request.
  • Volume purchasing available for shops wanting to have an aluminum link option for their kits. Please contact us at 801-576-8424 or to discuss further.

To request a quote for links, please fill out the below form and we will be in touch.

Custom Suspension Links Form

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